Mrs. V's Silicone Pizza Mats

Everyone loves  eating pizza and we have a great product that will help you make your own pizzas at home.  This is fun for the family when they get to design their own pizza and put all the toppings they like on top.  Our Silicone Pizza Mat is non stick and your crust will cook evenly every time. 

The mat comes in two sizes 12 inch ,which is a small pizza pan and 15 inch which is the large pizza pan.   It bakes up to 450 degrees F and is so easy to clean.  Just wash it off with soap and water and air or towel dry or you can just stick it in the dishwasher on the top drawer and it will clean up great. The mat fits directly on your aluminum pizza pan and keeps your pans from getting dirty or that brown caked on look it gets after using several times. 

This mat is also great for all your other baking needs such as baking biscuits, cookies, cheese sticks,  chicken tenders, fish sticks or whatever else your family loves to bake.  They just never stick to the pan and come out cooked evenly. 

So get yours today and you will wonder why you haven't had one in your kitchen sooner!